If you love drifting, or plan on building a purpose built drift or track car, then this build is for you. Building a
“no excuses” drift car, we first decided not to follow the crowd but to lead one. With its low initial cost, longer wheel base, and an engine bay large enough for Japans finest, we opted to start with a 1990 Toyota Cressida. Flipside looks forward to sharing its research and development on this build as our quest grows for high horsepower sideways fun.

The early stage of this drift project shows the car with the suspension installed. Look for detailed pics of installed Flipside fully adjustable rear camber and toe arms.

With the help of the team at J-Rod and Custom, the entire front end of the car was stripped, prepped, bodied and painted in preparation for the 2JZ twin turbo engine and tranny combo.

The engine bay hints how Flipside is preparing for the larger carbon fiber inner fender tubs. We also modified the core support to be removable. This allows the engine and trans to go in and out with little effort. Next, we blasted and painted all suspension pieces as well as upgraded all front bushings.

Inside, the car has been lightened throughout. Lexan side windows have been installed, and initial fitment of the roll cage has been started. Flipside intends to offer a complete weld in kit for all who require an SCCA legal roll cage for Formula D or local track requirements.

Jared at J-Rod and Custom, built a new tunnel top that not only looks great, but provides additional clearance for the larger transmission.

The car is nearly ready for start up. The latest pics are long overdue, but worth the wait.

The front end shows you the basics, however, look forward to additional tin work for the ducting and air intake.

Here the 2JZ is installed and the initial boost path completed. The car will intentionally get sorted on the twin turbos. Later, after the cars suspension is sorted, more power with a big single.

The boost path was powder coated “Flipside Grey”. The radiator shroud, not pictured, is nearly finished.

Inside trunk shows the finished fuel lines.

This shows the battery, box and cable routing.

… again, cable routing and final driver position prior to the cage work.

Next up, fan shroud and start up. Coming soon, detailed photos of Flipside twin rear brake set up.  Also, installed Flipside rear bushing upgrade and full S.S exhaust system. Feel free to call or text with your questions about pricing and availability.

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