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Flipside Customs owner, Rob Hancock, specializes in custom design, fabrication and welding services.  Customers can expect an increase in functionality, performance and overall quality with his 20 years of experience.  Rob started his career working on street rods; a passion passed down through the generations.  While continuing to work on street rods, he branched out to production based welding on speed related products. He also gained experience in the machining industry which yet again expanded Flipside’s diversity.  Rob has continued to use his skillset to benefit his customers in ways that separate his work from others. Questions like “Is this possible?” are quickly answered with "let me show you how!". As an avid racer himself, he saw and experienced several areas to improve on during his time on the track.  He began designing, modifying and fabricating custom race components that have increased both performance and functionality both on and off the track. As a lover of both two and four-wheel vehicles, Rob has expanded the business to include custom motorcycles, street, and race cars as well as off-road vehicles.  If you are interested in what Flipside Customs has to offer, please contact Rob at

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