The Nissan CA18 turbo engine is one of the easiest, most affordable, and now one of the most popular conversions for the Toyota Corolla AE86. With this engine and transmission, your firewall, crossmember and tunnel can remain un-modified. After a small clearance for your shifter is made, you can have your engine and transmission in within an hour. Flipside CA18 conversion kit consists of the following:

  • Motor mounts
  • Transmission mount
  • Stainless steel downpipe starter
  • Mild steel turbo relocator
  • Billet aluminum cold side turbo flange

Assembled, you can see how kit works with your factory manifold and factory or upgraded turbo.

Here are some shots of the individual parts:

Turbo downpipe starter

Transmission Mount

Motor Mounts

Cold side turbo flange

Turbo Relocator

Customers photo after he installed our motor and tranny mounts

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  1. is this available for sale??? i don’t see it in you store section. i am really interested in purchasing one within the few following weeks…

  2. Thanks for your earlier interest. I would like to make sure you had all your questions answered and if you could, let me know if you receive this reply. I’m ironing out some bugs on my website. Thanks again, Rob. (Rob@flipsidecustoms.com)